international reconnection weekend

weird — reconnected with three friends from other countries this weekend, all disconnected from one another.

first, when i landed in newark, new jersey friday evening (i presented the CORE in newark on saturday), i was standing in baggage claim, waiting for my bag, and i heard someone say my name. i turned to find massao standing there. now, try to follow this: massao suguihara is a brazillian pastor and church leader who’s also the brazillian rep for integrity worship music. and massao is interested in bringing more youth ministry training to brazil. we met, however, in england, at soulsurvivor, last summer. we chatted it up in the speaker’s lounge and made plans to communicate via email. we’ve had major glitches in email communication all year, including this past week. so it was truly odd and out-of-place to run into him in baggage claim in the newark airport.

friday night, the wonderful newark host of the CORE — mike flavin — took me and several others out to dinner. along for dinner (and attending the CORE the next day also), was a friend of mine from ireland, graeme thompson. graeme is one of the development officers for the youth ministry department of the presyterian church of ireland, and i’ve been over to speak for them several times in the past. graeme was in the u.s. to attend the princeton forums on youth ministry this coming week.

then, last night i flew up to buffalo (beautiful buffalo!), where i’m presenting the CORE today. but i took the advantage of a few empty hours last night to drive into canada (to st. catharines) and meet with my friend mark dowds. mark is from ireland, but has lived in canada for years. he has done consulting for for ys for years, and is part of the ‘young notorious sinners’ group of guys i meet with each year.

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  1. just so you know, core was amazing (went to ft. lauderdale). this is our 3rd year going. thank you so much for providing us with such practical training.

  2. Hope you enjoyed your time in WNY. The workshop was great, even if the hockey game didn’t work out so well. I talked about the whole thing over at my place.

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