intriguing perspective on mega-churches

Clint Rainey, an intern at the Dallas News, has written a very interesting op piece on why his generation is becoming disenfranchised by mega-churches (free registration required). it would be interesting to track a group of students growing up in the new boon of mega-youth-groups to see what really happens to them 10 years later. and, it sure will be interesting to see what the mega-church movement looks like in 20 more years. mclaren — i think it was in ‘a new kind of christian’ — says, just like the horse-drawn buggy did to transportation during the first couple decades of automobiles, they’ll continue growing and shaping the evangelical church landscape in america for a while longer. but how long? and what should this say to us in youth ministry — especially those of us in big churches?

thanks to bob carlton, the uber-cyber-finder, for the tip to this article.

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