introducing, the journal of student ministries

you may have read about the end of our 21 year relationship with youthworker journal. but, the great news is that it’s now official and public: we’re part of a new journal — the journal of student ministries — that we hope will continue to be a leader in youth ministry thinking, dialogue and challenge. will penner, the editor, continues to work for ys — but this new journal is his own courageous endeavor, and ys is partnering with him to make it a reality. we’re so stoked about this new journal, and hope you’ll consider subscribing!

10 thoughts on “introducing, the journal of student ministries”

  1. Say Marko

    I heard steve case was taking his talents over to the new Journal magazine as well, is that true?

  2. glad to say i am a subscription carrying member of the journal of student ministries. so glad for will, he seemed really excited about the venture back in nov.

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