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sunday morning on the north coast (the antrim coast), and, after two dark and dreary, rainy days, the sun broke out and is shining wonderfully. this is my last morning at the MAD weekend (a junior high weekend event put on by the presbyterian church of ireland). I’ve had a great time. the kids have been extra-engaged, it seems. my old friend andy flannigan is leading worship, and it’s been fun to catch up with him.

friday morning, my dad and I were blown away when the u.s. embassy handed him a temporary passport an hour and twenty minutes after he first walked in the door. government efficiency? I’m confused! (this morning, btw, my dad found his original passport). since we had so much of the day left, we went to newgrange and knowth, in slane (by the slane castle – home of many famous rock concerts, including one of U2’s dvds). newgrange and knowth are 5200 year-old passage tombs. absolutely fascinating. I’ll post pics at some point – when I get home and can get them off my camera.

yesterday afternoon, my dad and I drove over to londonderry (everyone just calls it derry) to spend the afternoon with my friend emily marschall. emily used to be in a small group is was in in san diego, and she hung around ys a bunch also. her dad worked at ys, and she dated a guy from ys for a while. oh, and she lived in my house for a bit also (but who hasn’t, really). anyhow, em’s been a missionary in derry for a couple years, and will likely stay long term. she’s amazing, and we had such a nice time with her: lunch, an interesting tour of derry, then coffee at emily’s flat.

this afternoon we have plans for a round of golf here on the coast. then, later today and all day tomorrow, we’ll hit the giant’s causeway, dunluce castle, the bushmills factory tour, and the gorgeous drive around the northeast coast of the country, arriving in belfast monday evening.

good times!

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  1. It was so good seeing you again at the MAD weekend. I agree that the kids really engaged with your messages, and the worship was just so free, unbounded and joyous this year. You were as always superb! Thanks for all you’ve done to not only impact the kids here in N. Ireland but also for your support and encouragement of the folks who are in the trenches seeking to impact them. Enjoy the rest of your stay in gods own country, and I hope it won’t be long until we see you here again. Peace

  2. yea wouldn’t call it londonderry to derry people..they might get a wee bit up set. let me know how the round of golf goes. glad you guys have been having a good time.

  3. Hey friend (I feel that I can now call you friend, since I was the guy with dreadlocks that smacked your “non-existant” butt after you spoke at the NYWC in San Diego), give your dad a “high five” for me on the passport ditty. Thats amazing! My wife lost her passport in Spain a few years back, and she pretty much had to sell herself into slavery for 15 years to get a new one. She finally came back. Im glad your dad didnt have to be a slave in Ireland, they would make him dig potatoes or be a pub singer.

    Okay, so for the past four years, you have had a different haircut each year.. which is pretty much amazing except for the fact that the next logical step is going bald, which completely sucks. So may I offer a suggestion that would let you keep your hair for at least another year? >Dreads. You need DREADS marko. Take advantage of the hair you have and dread that head. My hippie friends and I have disucssed it, and we will be happy to offer our services. =)

    Well brother, I love you. I do. Oh, and check it out: my wife and I were in the same small group as your wife at the emergent church conference umm like 3 years ago. Just thought Id at that as a little tidbit.

    I know this isnt what blogs are for, but hey.. intros are good too. Peace be with you. Travel safe- this world is being changed by you.

  4. kj! dude, funny thing is, i’ve been thinking of dreads next for months. but my one stipulation has been that i need to get it done well. no nasty dreads for me. and, so far, i haven’t been able to find a place in san diego that does them.

  5. Thanks for your message and example this past weekend at MAD, it was the first time we took a group up and they loved it, really encouraging and challenging. Enjoy the rest of your stay along the amazing coastline, God Bless, Colin

  6. Hey Marco,
    I was one of the many people at Mad 9 and one of the many 17 year olds you offended lol. I am in Paul Bowmans youth group and was glad to finally hear you speak after hearing about you through paul. God really touched my heart this weekend and i know that through prayer, i can learn to trust God more and more each day.

    I am still trying to find my way in my walk with Christ, but i know that i just need to keep walking no matter how hard it gets. God worked through you more than you will ever know, you have been such a blessing.
    Enjoy the rest of your stay in Northern Ireland.

    God bless,
    In his grip, Jayne

  7. hey marko.. just stumbled upon your site through various links there!! you’re such an inspiration to all of us that were at the mad9 weekend.. your humour & passionate love for God really shone through & spoke to a number of guys in our yf… i found you a spiritual blessing & i praise God that through Him, people are coming to have a faith in Christ Jesus. Thank You, God bless & safe journey home. Jonny

  8. hey there, just like to agrre with with ya that what u spoke on at the MAD weekend was really really good, i was really blessed by what u spoke on marko! peace

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