island of the sequined love nun

Island of the Sequined Love Nun, by Christopher Moore

well, shoot.

christopher moore has risen to being favorite humorous fiction writer. i started with lamb, still in my list of favorite books. then i ventured into some of this other stuff (i’ve read fluke, the stupidest angel, you suck, and a dirty job, and loved them all).

this one was funny, to be sure. and no writer out there can match moore’s absolute wackiness in characters and storylines.

but this one, unfortunately, was just too raunchy, over and over, for my enjoyment. maybe i’m puritanical; but it just didn’t seem the raunchiness was necessary to the extent it was present.

this is one of his older books; so maybe i just need to stick to newer christopher moore books.

4 thoughts on “island of the sequined love nun”

  1. I really liked “Lamb” and I will have to read more of his stuff before I judge, but it seems to me that Moore is trying maybe a little too hard to be the Vonnegut/Doug Adams of his day. I have been wanting to read “You Suck” forever though.

  2. It’s funny to read this post, since you are the one who got me hooked on Chris Moore in the first place…

    Since you put me onto Lamb, I have accumulated all of Moore’s books except for “The Stupidest Angel”, and I have read them all multiple times…

    Lamb is by far my favorite (of course) but The Island of the Sequined Love Nun is second.


  3. Dood

    Read all Moores stuff. Fluke was a disappointment to me (at least the 2nd half). Check out Blook Sucking Fiends and it’s sequel You Suck. Both extrmely funny.

    Lamb remains my second favorite book of all time EVER. I wrote to Moore once to ask if there would be more from the days of Jesus and he wrote back to say that “Biff’s tale was told.”


    A Dirty Job is also very funny. Who knew death incarnate could be so adorable. (the bones thing was a little freaky though)

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