it’s me birthday

yup. 44 today. young as a spring chicken and old as dirt, all at once.

update: this morning, my wonderful 13 year-old daughter, liesl, gave me a painting she’d created for me, then played edelweiss on her viola for me. she’d gone to a lot of work for this, buying the sheet music, and learning the song without me knowing. i sang edelweiss to her every night when we were putting her to bed from birth to about four years-old.

old o family picture.jpg

12 thoughts on “it’s me birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday, Marko! I celebrated mine yesterday…27…young, I know, but I hate that 30 is around the corner.

  2. now that is a hair cut

    hapy day & life, marko – hope the coming year is filled with peace & joy

  3. Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday, dear Marko!
    Happy birthday to you!

    And many more on channel four
    And Frankenstein on channel nine
    And Scooby Do on channel two
    And big fat lady on channel eighty

  4. Happy birthday, Marko! (Love that picture!) We’re thinking about you today, and we hope you and the family have a chance to celebrate your big day together! Give Jeannie and the kids big hugs from us…

  5. ohmigosh– i just took a peek here and it happens to be your birthday! iFeliz Cumpleanos, Marko!!!

    your mom is SO FLIPPING COOL!!!!!!!!!!

    please say a prayer toward our adoptions– we’re not outta the woods yet!

    are you or kara or jim, etc., on myspace? i’ve found so many old pals on there!

  6. a day late, but good wishes and many blessings for an amazing year to come!! happy birthday! and remember you’ll always be younger than me! : )
    tell the gang hey from the lewins!
    hope the celebration continues all week!

  7. wow……who knew?… birthday is the same as yours, but i’m a young 42…..haha.
    i knew i liked you…….
    hope you had a happy day……….

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