i’ve never been so sick of hearing my own voice

today at dcla, my responsibility was to help host the youth leader orientation meetings. it’s a valuable meeting with lots of important information. but i did 5 meetings back to back from noon to 2:30, and another 5 from 4:30 to 7. there was a one minute break between each of these, so i had to instantly launch back into the meeting as soon as one ended. i got so completely sick of hearing my own voice. and i was constantly thinking, “wait, did i just say that? no, i think i said that to the previous group.” the jokes that got good laughs the first couple times had zero energy by the end. it felt like there was 10% less energy each time. do the math.

but, hey, dcla seems off to a great start!

4 thoughts on “i’ve never been so sick of hearing my own voice”

  1. Hearing your own voice all day can get annoying, but hearing it on tape or video can be 10 times worse! Get some rest, sounds like you had a long day… I did too – a birthday party at a water park for one of the kids in my youth ministry.

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