jesus junk of the month award

yup, a second one this week! just had to. and it’s appropriate, since i’m in texas this week, the home of mega-pastor, best-selling author, joel osteen, progenetor of a theology that could best be described as jesus junk.

but osteen’s theology isn’t winning the award this month. nope, it’s way down the food chain from that.

ready? gather this kids around for this one…

the “your best life now board game“. i kid you not. i somehow missed this when riddle blogged about it a long time (shoot, even ingrid at slice linked to riddle without calling him names). but astute reader “J.H.” mentioned this little-piece-o’-heaven-in-a-box in a comment on my previous post, so i had to google it.

ok, i’m done for now. i have another post brewing thanks to this baby, though.

13 thoughts on “jesus junk of the month award”

  1. Outrageous. Did they ever have a WWJD board game? I’m anxiously waitin for the Jabez action figure set.

  2. Marko, I just blogged on the same thing this morning. Great minds think alike. More junk for the Ghetto. See ya in Anaheim.

  3. I’m waiting for the “Help! I’m a Junior High Worker” board game, where you move your game piece through such obstacles as the Obnoxious Parent Roadblock, or the Miry Clay Church Board, or the No Budget Ministry Challenge. That would be a keeper.

  4. rob c: don’t forget the “7th grade guys hopped up on energy drinks spaces” (where you lose two years of life, the “i think your haircut is stupid detour” (where you have to push a button a hundred times for getting your own buttons pushed), and the “it’s freakin’ time to start using freakin’ deoderant wheel o’ smells” (where you get a mystery card).

  5. I so want to spend money from the budget on this for my group…oh wait, nevermind, it reds for ages 16 and up! Man, why bother playing…go drive a car!

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