jesus junk of the month award

firebible.jpgyeah, it’s a jesus-junky month, but, ooh — this one is HOT! really. call fire marshall bill: it’s the fire bible, a little gimmick to illustrate to your students (or congregation) just how HOTT (ht to paris hilton) the word of god is. from the website:

When was the last time your class saw how “HOT” God’s Word is? Open this authentic looking “bible” and begin to share the scripture for the day as real flames are seen coming from your “bible”. This full size book comes with a battery operated ignition system. All you supply are the batteries, lighter fluid and composure as your class gets excited. (special note: Fed-Ex shipping is available if you absolutely have to have the Fire Bible for this Sunday!)

Only $44.95!

(ht to bobbie)

10 thoughts on “jesus junk of the month award”

  1. I have a home made version of one of these (although it’s manual not automatic battery operated!) and I have to say it is great when used well, I think the problem here is the example they are giving, it’s a magic prop that needs to have the right setting and patter to work otherwise you’re right it’s just cheesy Jesus junk!

  2. I would use it to scare my students into submission. I’d tell them that if they didn’t sit there quietly, I’d call forth fire from God’s word and burn them up!

  3. Richard Pryor was burned using one of these – it wasn’t from a crack accident,

    Richard Pryor quote: When you are on fire you can RUN, they should use fire in the Olympics”

  4. The fire must be when you open to the Old Testament. Everyone knows the New Testament is about love.

  5. My church owns one of these and it’s in the curriculum for the day I’m supposed to teach confirmation… debating using it or not, but I tend to agree it’s a little cheesy.

  6. Marko,

    Hey, my church for some reason has two of these funny things. If ya want one… I’d be glad to give it to ya. One can only have fun with so much Jesus Junk… We also have a brain and a heart mold and one magic light bulb. My guess is that the former youth guy was an absolute dork… ok so that means if I kept them I am a dork as well. ok… at least you could share in my dorkiness… I mean I’m not even odd enough to do “the strobe” in front of 3000 others. Thanks for your role in the convntion. My wife and I and my workers were blessed incredibly.

    if interested in the fire Bible my email is [email protected]

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