jesus junk of the month award: christsicles

back in the day, i used to post a “jesus junk of the month award” fairly regularly on this blog. but somewhere along the line, i stopped coming across the worst offenders, or i stopped looking, or stopped caring. and this one doesn’t officially qualify, since it’s not a product for sale and wasn’t intended as one might assume: as an “evangelistic tool.” it’s actually an art piece:
here’s the real story. but, i still gotta think there are plenty of people out there who would see this and think, “just think of the impact on our neighborhood’s children!” so, on their behalf, i give these christsicle sticks an honorary jesus junk of the month award!

4 thoughts on “jesus junk of the month award: christsicles”

  1. The red popsicle grosses me out on this one. It is one thing to be “washed in the blood” and “drink the blood” (really just a quick sip of grape juice) during communion, but something about having a blood red popsicle on a cross is just too much for me to handle. Glad it isn’t a real treat out there.

  2. torn between:

    1) the tension of never eating this popsicle or being obligated to only eat this popsicle (kinda like “testamints”)…I always lean toward never

    2) wondering if there is an option where the stick is a wafer/cracker…the Children’s ministry version of youth ministry’s Dr Pepper and Cheetos communion?

  3. As a Roman Catholic I gotta say what I found in the accompanying article was pretty offensive. Interesting way of “respecting” those who practice religion, by attempting to covertly consecrate the precious blood and then turn said precious blood, which, had it worked (thankfully it doesn’t work that way) would be one of the most sacred substances to a Catholic, into a frozen treat? Not cool.

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