jesus junk of the month award, nativity edition, #15

ah, the veggie nativity. i debated on this one, because i’ve always been a veggie fan. but the baby carrot pushed me over the edge into including it.


16 thoughts on “jesus junk of the month award, nativity edition, #15”

  1. yer not gonna believe this. sunday night we had a youth workers christmas party at one of our volunteers house and sitting right on the display table was this peice of junk! i totally thought of you marko and almost took a pic with my phone.

  2. my sister got me this one like 3 or 4 years ago, and it has stayed up in our youth house during Christmas and the rest of the year alike. you wouldn’t believe how many people comment on it. and the funniest part of it is that when you push the star, it sings, terribly offkey actually.

  3. I guess when you match this one up against penguins and marshmallows, it holds up alright. I would probably put it in my kid’s room at home.

  4. How did they know Jesus was a carrot? Does that mean in the Veggietales universe that God is a huge carrot?

  5. I was waiting for this. I watched my brother-in-law open up one last year in Christmas in horror! I feared opening up my next present. Thankfully, the in laws weren’t too mean to me as they were to him. I still don’t understand why they gave a 25 year old with no kids a Veggie Tales Nativity Scene, but whatever.

  6. I think this one is actually a “Christmas program” from The Star of Christmas – they were veggies dressing up to be in the Christmas pageant, if I remember correctly.

  7. Y’know, I thought the same thing as I’ve been searching the web for my “12 days of Jesus Junk” series on my own blog.

    I instead am holding onto some other really … um … not-so-reverently thoughtful examples for later in the week.

  8. This is actually cute. It reminds me of how simple it was when Jesus was born. Not everyone likes to eat their veggies and that same repulsion was pretty prevalent when Jesus was born. So I think this nativity scene helps get that message across better than a Johnathan David fancy scene with all the pomp and glitter of a dream.

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