jesus junk of the month award (not)

i hesitated on this one, because it’s almost so… well… hard to believe? too good to be true? completely baffling?

i wondered if it was a very impressively done photoshop mock-up. but, the mountain of crap like this that is real tips the scales. so, here i present you, the “believe in god instantly” breath spray. “miraculously pepper-minty faith-enhancing breathspray.”

breath spray.jpg

(ht to john, via comment)

ok, it’s tongue-in-cheek. i just found it for sale on a snarky website full of cheesy christian products, alongside another breathspray that offers to give you an “instant gay accent” (and is obviously a joke — the kind of thing sold at urban outfitters). i usually only award the JJOTM award to sincere jesus junk, not to stuff that is actually making fun of jesus junk. (this is why i’m not giving the award to these beauty products, “lookin’ good for jesus”, kindly suggested in a comment by john bessey.)

so, i’m partially taking back the award from the breath spray; but i’m leaving the post up, because I BELIEVED it was a real product (with regret, embarrassment and frustration, mind you), because i think that’s commentary on jesus junk in general.

2 thoughts on “jesus junk of the month award (not)”

  1. Sadly I bet there is something out there like this, that is authentic.

    Side note: If Testamints are knocked on by so many Christians (including myself) why are they still sold?

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