just way too much fun

career builder dot com has a new monk-e-mail builder — you can enter text (or phone in your own voice), and generate a little animation of a monkey speaking your message, then email it to a friend. it’s just about too much fun. i can try to justify the time i’ve spent on it by now sending one to each of the guys in my middle school small group, so i can call it ministry.

5 thoughts on “just way too much fun”

  1. Man I thought Monk like the old guy from the Kung Fu TV series that was popular in the 80’s. No one remembers the 80’s.

  2. this.

    i think i just emailed everyone I know a mon-e-mail. hahaha it’s a great time waster during my finals preparation time.

  3. I got one of these crazy monkeys disguised as a get well card the other day. It was worth a couple of laughs. Glad you shared the website, now I can go and send off a few, and drive some other people nuts, with all the free time I have on my hands, lol.

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