keepin’ you informed, mr or ms youth worker

this is so distasteful, almost to be ridiculed as the “worst drug idea of the week“. at the same time, i suppose it’s a good thing, as youth workers, to stay current on what kind of nutjob ideas teens are living into. man. “the taste stays with them for days or weeks.”

UPDATE: dang, i shoulda known better. it’s a hoax. i found it on a site that normally checks that out prior to posting.

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  1. It’s possibly a fake, but no-one is quite sure because it hasn’t been properly documented, predictably the wikipedia page contains a whole wealth of documentation about it… I’ve read stuff in the papers over the last week saying both that it’s a hoax and that it’s very real. It’s use in America is probably very minor.

  2. I’m surprised that you still posted this, believing it was true, with the small print:

    “This information is being furnished for Law Enforcement purposes only and should be handled as CONFIDENTIAL. The dissemination of this material without the consent of the Collier County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Intelligence Bureau is strictly prohibited. The purpose of this bulletin is for officer safety and awareness.”

    Marko = breaking the law! :)

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