larry norman has passed away

onlyvisitingthis.jpgwow — i just read on andrew jones’s blog that larry norman died yesterday. here’s an obit from his family, on the larry norman website. feels like the end of an era in some ways.

larry’s music was played constantly in our house when i was a young teen, as my older sister was at the very tail end of the “jesus people” thing, and got into his music. my very first concert i ever attended (outside of my own church), was when i was in junior high and went to the redford theater in detroit to see the resurrection band (their first time out of chicago, i remember them saying), tom howard, and headliner larry norman. this would have been in the late ’70s.

any history of christian rock and ccm has to include a major chapter on larry norman.

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  1. Larry has a great entry in Mark Powell’s Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music (page 632-641). He’s referred to as “the Father of Christian Rock.” I remember listening to a bunch of his stuff during Stryper/Petra days.

  2. Larry has influenced so many musicians! I spoke to him once when I called the number on the back of a CD as I was thinking about booking him for a concert. He answered the number (I think it was at his house) I love his wit, humor, and his many times deep lyrics. Larry was waaaaay ahead of his time. he will be missed.

  3. I went to 2 of his concerts in the 70’s and have never been so completely entertained by any other musician. When I heard that he died, it hit me like a punch in the stomach. His music made a powerful impact to Christians of my generation.

  4. he will be missed…a man with so many talents..
    i was privileged to have grown up listen to his music.. i would always rush out and buy his new album when it would be in the Christian book stores

  5. I traveled twice from N.C. to Penn to hear him and drug my children once (warping them forever, i’m sure). Larry was out there, but he was genuine. I seem to remember at one point he had 33 Compassion children. “… and now you’re gone, so far away, i hope i see you again some day, but if i don’t, i hope i see you in heaven.”

  6. “Milk and Honey!” He made it to the promise land
    Yesterday I was singing Larry as I picked up my 16 year old at church. He thought I was crazy as I sang “walking backwards down the stairs trying to get higher”. Larry had a creative genius that touched all who listened.

  7. The fundie church I went to as a middle school kid used him as an example of all that was wrong with “contemporary Christian music” (long haired men, non KJV lyrics, a rock beat) But I was always a closet fan. I wished we’d all been ready to hear that sad, sad news that Larry had passed. I wasn’t. But I’m sure he’s rockin it in heaven.

  8. Larry will be missed for the moment. I’m not sure anyone in CCM land sings about Christ so fresh and frank…

    “Got gonorrhea on Valentine’s day… but you’re still looking for that perfect lay.

    Why don’t you look in to Jesus .. he’s got the answers!”

    I got to see him perform at the Cornerstone Festival when I speaking there… he was an interesting brother.

  9. Larry’s sense of humour , ernest desire for truth and his zeal for souls made me feel i might be able to live as a Christian. I can see him now causing a problems in heaven by teaching the harp playing angels how to play guitar. Thanks Larry

  10. I was raised on Larry, too! His music shaped not only my beliefs, but my very identity! I invite all you Larry Norman fans to join us at a new website to celebrate his life: It’s got great songs, photos, and members! Brenda

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