last call for ymcp nashville cohort

i’m finalizing the group for the nashville cohort of the youth ministry coaching program this week. i have 9 applicants with funding in place and applications turned in. and i have one or two more people who have either turned in an application, or in some other way expressed strong interest, but haven’t yet confirmed if they’re really in or not.

9 is a great number, and i’m stoked we’ll be moving forward.

but i’m good with 10, and might even consider 11 participants if i had the right people.

so… if you have any interest: this is your last chance this go-around. email me quickly, at [email protected], or through the contact page on my website.

if you want more info on the ymcp, including a downloadable pdf with a full overview, go to this page on my website.

3 thoughts on “last call for ymcp nashville cohort”

  1. Would you be willing to share your book list you discuss or maybe a past book list if you don’t want to give away your current list?

  2. sure, kevin — i’ll post that at the end of the first cohort year. i don’t actually know what all the books are at this point, since i choose them as we go along, based on what i’m currently being challenged by and what i think the cohort would benefit from.

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