last day to be a bigger loser than me

today is the last day to join the “be a bigger loser than marko” contest. we have 272 signed up as i write this (thursday evening). crazy, i tell you. i really thought we’d have 20 or 25. it’s not too late to join us in what could be a massive money-loser for ys! i mean, when i said we would give out prizes to anyone who beats me, i was thinking we might have to give out a half-dozen prizes. but — geez! — if i crap out on this thing, we’ll have to give out a truck-load of prizes!!

so. last day to email [email protected] if you want in. we’ve created a closed community site on ning for support, news, coaching, and other stuff. here are the rules, which got sent out yesterday afternoon to the 272:

Da Rules: Be a Bigger Loser than Marko Contest

The 411:

Who can be a Bigger Loser than Marko?

The man AND the woman who lose the most percentage of weight will be declared the winners of the contest.

Anyone who loses a greater percentage of weight than Marko will take home second place prizes.

The Law:

Contest begins on February 4th and ends on April 25th – 12 weeks.

Initial weigh-in February 4th. You need to submit a full body picture (dressed please!) and a picture of your weight on the scale (get those pedicures done).

The continued weights of each contestant will not be disclosed. We will post standings each week on the YS Are you a Bigger Loser than Marko Community page.

Final submission of weight must be on the same scale as initial weigh-in. A full body picture plus scale picture will need to be submitted by 8am on Friday, April 25th.

By entering this contest you give Youth Specialties permission to post your photos and information.

The Peeps:

when you sign up, we’ll send you a link to the ning community site we’ve set up.

This community will give you access to updated health and exercise information, support forums, blogs and special articles and features by youth workers who have already lost the weight. We will inspire, encourage, and hopefully guide you to a healthier lifestyle.

When you sign up you will agree that you are doing this because you WANT to, and that you know that you should see your doctor before starting any health or fitness program. If you don’t click “I agree,” you can’t play.

Please, please, please use your real name – no aliases. We’re all in this together.

The Bling:

1st place winners (one man and one woman) each get a FREE registration to NYWC 08 of their choice AND their dollars worth in weight loss of YS Resources. (i.e. 100lbs = $100 in YS stuff)

2nd place winners (those who lost more than Marko but didn’t lose the most overall percentage of weight) receive select YS Resources.

6 thoughts on “last day to be a bigger loser than me”

  1. Marko,
    Look at the bright side. It’s one more motivation to keep you on track. Good luck to you and to everyone participating. Regardless of whether people win or lose the contest, everyone who participates is a winner because we’ll all be healthier.

  2. I’m only saddened that you didn’t also include a “bulk-Up” contest at the same time. Don’t forget about the skinny Junior High Pastor who regularly gets beat up by his 7th grade boys. How about encouraging that person to put on 25 pounds :) Ok so I’m not in that category but I have someone on my staff who could pack on a few……

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