9 thoughts on “let the convention blogging begin”

  1. Just posted my “I promise” list…great idea! I’m flying out this afternoon and will be in late tonight…let the circus begin! Actually Marko, I think you and Tic should seriously consider ringmaster outfits…

  2. Okay, because I’m a nerd and don’t sleep until late, I went and subscribed to all the RSS feeds (I think) of those you posted… at least all that published RSS feeds. I don’t know how well this will work but I’ve placed them publicly viewable here

    I added my first post tonight… it’s long and probably won’t hold people’s attention span.

    Anyhow, sweet dreams fellow YS’ers.

  3. I’m up to 2 posts now…but my last one is kind of Dan sized…but it’s a pretty easy read.

    Speaking of Dan (I don’t know you, but love you bro) I noticed that Brian Setzer is doing a Christmas show in the Auditorium across from the CC… Now that would be fun!

  4. sorry I didn’t blog. something happened with my laptop so I mostly paper journaled and will put it online later…

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