Let’s help re-name the Southern Baptist Convention!

tic long sent me a link this morning, rightly mentioning it was ripe with potential for fun.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Southern Baptist Convention is considering changing its name.
SBC President Bryant Wright said Monday that he’s appointing a task force to study the idea. Wright says the name is too regional and creates challenges as the denomination tries to grow.

the article goes on to say that they’re calling for ideas. so, hey, how about we pitch in!

be nice, but not too nice.

31 thoughts on “Let’s help re-name the Southern Baptist Convention!”

  1. Up here in Canada their churches are under the name Canadian National Baptist Convention (CNBC) (formerly Canadian Convention of Southern Baptists, which didn’t make much sense at all)

  2. I grew up in the Baptist church (loved it but was realistic with their legalism), SOOOOOOOOO how about “The P.A.T.E. ASS.” (The Poke-AT-Everything Association)?

  3. if these are not nice enough, some of my favorite churches are Southern Baptist and I have attended the denomination in the past (I’ve even worked for them) and had great experiences

    Saddle SoRe (a mix of Saddleback, Southern and Reaching the lost)

    So So Texas (SoCal, Southern and Texas)

    DWD (Down with Disney…sorry, couldn’t resist, my ties with the denomination were around the time of the infamous boycott)

    The Ex-Presidents Convention (pretty sure Carter and Clinton claimed SBC affiliation)

    in all seriousness, Lifeway…they’re already branded that way because of their bookstores, some of their churches have adopted the name and it works as well as about any other denominational rebranding of which I’m aware

  4. The We’reTheOnlyRealChristiansAndYou’reGoingToHell Convention.

    That, or, “Jesus, America, Puppies”. Because who doesn’t love Jesus, America, and Puppies?

  5. Uh..MartyLand?

    (I’m pretty sure u’re not the Lutheran theologian/church historian Martin Marty, right?).

  6. Dave, that’s right, I’m not, but every time I hear about that guy I think “it’s a name so nice they used it twice!”

    My suggestion would be to follow Cru’s example and name it BaCon, both a shortened, friendlier name and a staple at most Southern Baptist meals.

  7. Marty,

    BaCon? Who’s not being nice now – suggesing a name from a pig product ;)!?

    Dave, the Ham

  8. As a southern baptist, i think it is Important to keep the acronym the same…the SBC is a familiar brand that can’t be lost:

    – The Somewhat Backwards Convention
    – The Southern(ish) Baptist(ish) Convention(ish)

  9. Nice suggestion Dave Larson

    I vote BaCon…who doesn’t like bacon? even people who aren’t allowed to eat bacon LIKE bacon that’s why there are Kosher and Veggie substitutes

    Messianic Jew and Vegetarian/Vegan SBC members could come up with their own acronym of Tofu or Duck Bacon (both exist by the way) so it isn’t an offensive name

  10. @ pbj – well, they exist, but that isn’t saying much. They are very poor substitues for the real thing. For all the really good vegetarian meat substitutes out there, all of the bottom spaces are filled with the substitutes for bacon.

    @ Marko – playing off of the SBC theme – how about Super Big Church, or my more cynical answer, Saved Body Counting (because it’s all about quantity, not quality!)

  11. In my experience the SBC as it has hardend it’s credal stance, has defined itself negatively against the other main stream Baptist organizations. I think that the new name should reflect that. In that spirit, because they don’t want to be affiliated with the ABC or the CBF, they should rename themselves the Un-Cooperative Un-American Baptist Churches.

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