let’s stop to ponder the ethics of tp’ing

this article, another take on the mom who is pressing charges against the kids who tp’d her house, brings out a fact i didn’t see in the earlier article — the kids she pressing charges against are 11! as in, 11 years-old! dude, i’m sorry, i’m thinking a four-hundred role job is in order here.

3 thoughts on “let’s stop to ponder the ethics of tp’ing”

  1. “Richland mom Sue Bradley is one parent who does emphasize this.

    Bradley, who often drives the getaway mini-van on TP escapades, won’t let her 15-year-old daughter Heather engage in the activity in the winter or whenever it is raining because it’s so difficult to clean up. In those wetter seasons, Heather opts to stick plastic forks in yards instead.”

    this girl’s mother should be beaten in a public square. and I say that in the love of the Lord.

  2. A great balanced article, in my opinion. I’m with the parents – TP’ing is good clean fun if it’s kept that way, though I understand the need for the police to be able to enforce the law. I remember doing it to our youth pastor. We didn’t get caught that time. The next time we did it to the youth pastor I was working for. He took it in stride, but we did have to help clean up when we got caught. Big deal. It’s just TP.

  3. Never underestimate the power of an 11 yr old child! They know more than you think they do!

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