life at 10,000 feet

i jumped out of a perfectly good plane (well, it flew, so i suppose it was perfectly good) at 10,000 feet on friday morning.  we’d taken off from harbor springs, michigan, just north of little traverse bay, at 8:30am, on a perfectly clear morning.  by the time we were at 10,000 feet, i could see all of northern michigan, including the famed mackinaw bridge.  it was absolutely stunning.  if i knew how to capture a jpeg image from the dvd i have of the jump, i could paste one here, but, alas, i do not.

i feel like i should have had some profound insight or new level of clarity, provided by freefalling at 120mph at that altitude.  but i didn’t.  just complete joy and exhuberance (more on exhuberance later).

the more-amazing fact of this jump is that my lovely wife jumped just before me.  when i jumped a few years back, jeannie said she would never do this.  never.  but she’s not letting her fears get the best of her these days, and it was all her idea to join me.  i was so proud of her, and she is so glad she did it.  when people asked her if it was OK, she responds back that it was fantastic.

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  1. A lot of dvd player software on computers have a screenshot button or option of some sort. You could probably use the “help” option to find out if yours does.

  2. excellent man…great views. my fave memory of mackina(w/c…you choose) is snowmobiling over there a few winters ago. You go across the (hopefully) frozen lake. The island’s dead except for about 100 people scattered about with like 1 or 2 restaurants open. Good times marko!

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