like so many, i’m sick of it

i’m sitting in my hotel room in south bend, just a stone’s throw away from where the wolverines of the university of michigan kicked notre dame’s butts a little over a week ago. i have the tv on in the background as i type, and a political commercial just popped up about a couple local politicians i’ve never heard of. the commercial was pointing out how one politician had supported or made contributions to another politicians programs, as a line went from dot-to-dot (each dot represented another of these programs).

when the ad proclaimed the inevitable suggestion that the listener “connect the dots”, it pulled back to reveal the completed connected dots, spelling the word ‘LIBERAL’ in large block letters. clown music was playing in the background.

at first, i laughed, because it was so stupid. but within a second, i felt nothing but disgust and frustration at the political scene in our country. when a politician (or, in this case, the GOP) can actually garner votes by merely casting labels on others (whether ‘liberal’, as in this case, or ‘conservative’, as in others), we get nowhere. we gain nothing. this is nothing but regress. and i’m so over it.

7 thoughts on “like so many, i’m sick of it”

  1. AMEN. I go to Bethel, and thus, live in SB, and I HATE turning the TV on because of those stupid commercials. I hate how people are so ignorant that they let those commercials affect them, and I always wondered what would happen if people were actually nice and genuine in their campaigns. But that wouldn’t be politics, I guess…

  2. we have the same thing out here in Virginia Beach. It is so frustrating. Not only is it hard to find a Christian justification for why it is ok to slam our opponents with unfair labels…
    but it is also bad politics. I mean, no one even discusses issues anymore…it’s all about labels and quick judgements without critical thinking.
    and i too am fed up with it all

  3. Funny…I was thinking about blogging on my current state of political frustration! I’m so sick of how EVERY issue becomes a politicized one. It seems impossible for our leaders to take an honest look at something without spinning it.

  4. Are you still here? Can I buy you lunch?
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