likely to return

yeah, i think i’ll start posting again soon. lots to wrestle with. i have to think through some boundaries for myself before i jump back in too fully; but you’ll probably see me here within a week or so (just not 2x a day like i used to post!).

62 thoughts on “likely to return”

  1. 1)Praying for you during this transitional season of life…


    2)Looking forward to the second coming of Marko to the blogging world!!

  2. Look forward to your blogging again. Praying for good transitions, and Jesus-y comfort as you follow the path for each new day.

  3. glad you might start blogging again and empty because of the ys news. my wife and i will be praying for you and your family. we’ll also be excited about whatever GOD leads you to next.

  4. I always thought it strange that people could get into following someone’s blog, until I came across yours and loved it, so glad to see you back on. When can we get a better idea of why the job termination from Zondervan? The press release on YS gave us nothing understand any reason.

  5. Dumb question: will you be keeping the name ysmarko? I think it would be delicious irony if you did.

  6. Praying for you and your family, Marko. Sad/disappointed to hear the news about YS–but on the happy side, I’m looking forward to reading your blog reflections again.

  7. Marko
    Be careful. I admire that fact you said you stepped away from FB and Blogging for many good reasons. I am glad you are back and some posts would be nice, but I would enourage a family conversation about how much and what you should blog about.

    You helped me think about “Family” before Blogging. Hope you keep that trend, but I am so happy to read you thoughts again.

  8. likely it was God making things “not so right” at YS.
    the not so gentle nudge of the Spirit often moves us away from everything that has created our comfort zone.

    sounds like the job had become your identity, and now you get a chance to reclaim that pure “much loved child” of God in new ways.

    praying for you and your family as you all seek out the next direction.

  9. Looking forward to reading your posts again. Interested to see what you are learning during this difficult season. I’m sure we all will appreciate your insights. I look forward to learning with you.

  10. Hey Marko- prayers and good wishes for you, Jeanne, and the kids. The possibilities for you are endless and while we are heartbroken about ys and all the changes, the possibility of what God has in store for you is exciting (okay, at least that’s how I feel about it- kind of like “wow… what will his next act look like and what can I learn from marko now?”)
    And just as a frame of reference… I’m the woman from the Navy Pier who blew you off to compliment Jeanne on her book, and we spoke again in LA at the convention.
    Blessings and God’s peace to you Mark.

  11. Hey Marko! My hubby and I just returned this past week from the Cincy convention and had not read your blog. Thus, we did not know of Zondervan’s decision to let you go. IT is probably a good thing we didn’t know… Anyway, as I read other entries, I have much respect for your attitude and “tone” about all that has come to pass. I also am stuck by the sheer beauty of God’s love and mercy towards us as his children as I read about how He has been preparing you for “such a time as this.” As you work through the many emotions you must be feeling and the thoughts you must be having I am praying for you and your family. God must have something significantly amazing planned for you on this new chapter of your journey. May God bless you as you continually seek His will!

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