links golf on the northern irish coast

played a round of golf with me wee da yesterday at bushfoot, in the little coastal town of portballintrae. it was every single one of these:

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  1. Marco,on the subject of dreads: I was in the same boat, being a pastor and all, I had to have my dreads done well right off the bat. The thing is, that most places that do them professionally are lame and cant do them well. The friends who hooked me up did a rockin job and my ghetto stage lasted only a week compared to the stereotypical six months (plus we watched this killer movie on st francis called “brother sun and sister moon”). Come up to colorado (Im serious) and lets do it. Well on top of that, Im kind of a perfectionist, so I think i could really add some perfectdreadness to the mix. =) I think its the way to go. Take Peace.

  2. Marko… I think you should hold an elective in the Guiness brewery… it could be on how to have a ‘stout’ student ministry without getting to heady….

  3. Marko!

    Make sure you have an Ulster Fry before you leave the Antrim Coast or Belfast…
    The Kilyhevlin Hotel is one of my favorite haunts.
    We started our ministry in Belfast at the Woodvale United Methodist Church lived at #3 Ballygomartin Rd. I am envious –
    Tatty Bread is the best food on the planet!!

    See you in St. Louis

  4. Tatey bread – and you are five hours ahead so – I am probably too late.

    All the best,

  5. Mark i really wish i could have got you guys into Newcastle. its the #1 amature courses. mourne mountains for a view. glad you enjoyed your time. wish i knew you were in belfast today. i would have tried to have met up with you. had my kids watching a movie. Shane Claiborne is in town tonight at Spires as well

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