long travel day

we woke up in queenstown, new zealand, this morning. after final packing and showers and breakfast, we drove 5 1/2 hours north to christchurch, where we caught a flight to auckland. now we’re in the koru club (air new zealand’s lounge, which i can access since i fly so much on united), about to board our flight to san francisco, then on to san diego. we arrive in san diego around 5:15pm on thursday (which is odd, since we’re leaving auckland at 7:10pm on thursday).

our family, who are all reasonably seasoned travelers, just went through our worst attempt at a security check point. we didn’t get held up or anything; but we did everything wrong. jeannie forgot to pull out her plastic bag o’ carry-on liquids, and couldn’t find it. liesl forgot she had liquids, and they weren’t in a ziploc bag. max made a joke about liesl bringing a screwdriver, and, in my panic, i grabbed his wrist to explain to him why he could never do that, and i accidentally pinced his wrist against his bracelet, which caused him to start screaming and crying right there in the line. it was an entire oestreicher family security check-point melt-down.

it will be good to be home. of course, i’m on a 6-something-a.m. flight tomorrow morning to atlanta.

5 thoughts on “long travel day”

  1. That sounds like it was probably more fun than my business stats final I took this morning! May I ask why the visit to Ga? I live there, so if you are speaking somewhere nereby, then I’d like to come check you out. Later. =)

  2. one time, at an airport security point, my father-in-law, now passed away, made a joke about my mother-in-law hiding a gun in her purse. not pretty! his passing away had nothing to do with this incident, btw.

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