lunch with scot

had a great day popping into the NPC. i had a distracted breakfast with my friend john raymond from zondervan (we were seated in a busy spot and were constantly interrupted), then sat in the back of the emerging church CCC for a bit. i came back at noon and took scot mcknight to lunch at a waterside bistro in la jolla. i’d known scot mostly from his blog, and a small amount of email correspondance, but had never met him. we had a wonderful two hour lunch, talking about everything from our stories to the emerging church to atonement to publishing and agents to blogging. what a great guy.

after lunch, i had a great short chat with dan kimball — always good to catch up with him. and then sat by the pool and enjoyed a life catch-up with shelly pagitt (doug’s wife).

tonite i get to see my 6th grade guys small group for the first time in 5 weeks, and i can’t wait. i’ve really missed them.

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