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seriously, who could say this blog doesn’t shatter all blogging norms and break new ground!? have you EVER seen a mad lib blog post?

well, at dinner the other night, my family was doing a mad lib, and it struck me that it would be fun to create a blog version. so, here’s what i need:

(kind of event)
(descriptor of young teens)
(human characteristic)
(human characteristic)
(kind of event)
(kind of event)
(human characteristic)
(human characteristic)

give me one, or a few, or a whole bunch! i’ll pick some and fill in the blanks, and post the results next week!

9 thoughts on “mad lib blog post”

  1. (kind of event) preschool graduation
    (verb) cut
    (descriptor of young teens) hyper
    (adjective) unruly
    (adjective) delectable
    (person) garbage person
    (adjective) hasty
    (adjective) far-flung
    (adverb) undoubtedly
    (human characteristic) slender
    (human characteristic) wide-eyed and bushy tailed
    (kind of event) 42nd annual
    (kind of event) somber
    (experience) getting my braces off
    (adverb) downward
    (verb) rang
    (verb) trip
    (verb) wiggle
    (verb) drawn
    (verb) wrote
    (noun) chocolate coin
    (human characteristic) flexible
    (human characteristic) ingenious

    PS Thanks for the afternoon break!

  2. (kind of event)carnival
    (descriptor of young teens)
    (human characteristic)abnoxious
    (human characteristic)boisterous
    (kind of event)school play
    (kind of event)football game
    (experience)flying to the moon
    (human characteristic)ambitious
    (human characteristic)dubious

  3. This is how it usually works in my youth group:

    (kind of event) FARTING CONTEST
    (verb) FART
    (descriptor of young teens) FARTING
    (adjective) FART-SMELLING
    (adjective) FART-A-LICIOUS
    (person) JESUS
    (adjective) FARTISH
    (adjective) FARTABLE
    (adverb) FARTINGLY
    (human characteristic) FARTING
    (human characteristic) FARTING
    (kind of event) AIR BISCUT LAUNCH
    (kind of event) FART FESTIVAL
    (experience) FARTING
    (adverb) FARTINGLY
    (verb) FART
    (verb) BREAK WIND
    (verb) CUT MUFFINS
    (verb) POP A FLUFFY
    (noun) FART
    (human characteristic) FARTING
    (human characteristic) FARTING

  4. (kind of event) – Soccer Game
    (verb) – Dance
    (descriptor of young teens) – Noisy
    (adjective) – Enormous
    (adjective) – Scaly
    (person) – Gardener
    (adjective) – Wet
    (adjective) – Wiggly
    (adverb) – Extremely
    (human characteristic) – Close Talker
    (human characteristic) – Shy
    (kind of event) – Pool Party
    (kind of event) – Taco Bell Opening
    (experience) – First Kiss
    (adverb) – Amazingly
    (verb) – Scratch
    (verb) – Push
    (verb) – Spit
    (verb) – Spin
    (verb) – Roll
    (noun) – Phone
    (human characteristic) – Optimist
    (human characteristic) – Overweight

    This was a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this all turns out!

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