mad-lib post about the middle school ministry campference

the other day, my family and i were doing a mad-lib during dinner (not an uncommon occurrence for us). in the middle of it i thought it would be a riot to try a mad-lib blog post. but when i sat down to write it, i thought i’d make it about the first-ever middle school ministry campference. i solicited words in a post last week. so, now, thanks to those few-but-fine contributors, i give you this (mad-lib word contibutions IN CAPS):

It’s A FARTING CONTEST for junior high youth workers!

Let’s be honest about this: it’s not every adult who wakes up FLIPPING, “How can I spend some time with NOISY JUNIOR HIGHERS today, and influence them for Jesus?”

That calling, that wiring, is extremely JUBILANT and ENORMOUS. And our wise and wonderful God, who cares so passionately about the young teens in your church, chose THE GARDENER! You are truly one of the few, one of the FANCY; and you are God’s plan for showing love to middle schoolers.

But this ministry is WIGGLY, and sometimes ABNORMAL. You need to be surrounded by others who are CLOSE TALKERS, who are BOISTEROUS. That’s why we created the Middle School Ministry Campference.
We’ve blended the best of an AIR BISCUIT LAUNCH with the experience of a TACO BELL OPENING for youth workers who care about young teens. Whether veteran or rookie, known or unknown, we’ll all be in on this CHUBBY BUNNY together.

This is not a FIRST KISS conference, but a tribal gathering and growth event, with an opt-in mix of SCRATCHING, TRIPPING, SPITTING, SKIPPING and POPPING A FLUFFY.

Bring a CHOCOLATE COIN if you can; but even if you come FLEXIBLE, you won’t be DUBIOUS for long!

for the real skinny on the MSMC, check out the website.

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