made it to argentina

after 22 hours of travel, i’m in my hotel lobby in mendoza, argentina. whew. i’m a tad sleepy! but there’s free wireless here in the lobby, so life is good.

i’ve been slowly moving toward a mostly vegan diet in the past few weeks — just getting my feet wet to see if i can do it. but my favorite cut of meat in the world is bife de chorizo, a steak here in argentina that we don’t have in the states. i could eat it at every meal here, and likely will at most. pause-button on veganism.

the amazing news about the youth workers convention is that it has sold out, with 2400 pre-registered. that just doesn’t happen in latin america. can’t wait for tomorrow!

now i’m gonna take a nap…

5 thoughts on “made it to argentina”

  1. beware of the kick back of your digestive system to re-introducing meat. it can be brutal! go slow dear friend into the steak!

  2. Contemplative spirituality, Post-modernism and now veganism (is that even a word?)! Wait until the lighthouse trails people here about this. :)

  3. Your stomach will be fine just add plenty of hot sauce to your steak. Never forget the wisdom of Tom Smothers: “Red meat isn’t bad for you. . . now green meat. . . that’s bad for you.” :-)

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