massively addictive problem-solving game

the games with the simple premises are always the most addictive for me. this little thing — open doors — is merely about moving the square through a series of doors to the X. simple enough, right?


2 thoughts on “massively addictive problem-solving game”

  1. cool game…I love this type of puzzle game.

    Only thing that freaked me out was that when I signed into facebook later on, this site had accessed my facebook profile and put a box on there saying I had played this game (not that I care about who knows that I played it, it was the privacy thing!)

    Just a heads up :)

  2. dang you.
    i am a simple puzzle game addict.
    that puzzle boy game you posted?
    lets just say i didnt lose sleep over it, but geez.
    but welcome relief from the daily mundane administrative tasks of youth ministry.
    (ps. happy birthday)

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