masterpiece: the art of discipling youth

i’d met paul martin previously; but i didn’t know him well. so, at the first or second meeting of the youth ministry coaching program cohort he participated in (about two years ago), i was stunned when paul presented his thoughts about discipleship. it wasn’t that i disagreed — not in the least. my being stunned was more a factor of hearing someone be so articulate, talking about a subject i was somewhat familiar with, but introducing so many new words and concepts that helped me think in new ways. i’m not spinning this at all when i write: i remember the exact spot i was in, in nashville, when i thought to myself (and may have said out loud), “you need to write this as a book!”

fast forward two years, and here we are: it’s a book.

i’m SO pleased to announce paul’s book, being published by The Youth Cartel:

Masterpiece: The Art of Discipling Youth

here’s the back cover copy:

Masterpiece. That’s how Paul the Apostle describes us in his letter to the church in Ephesus. We are God’s masterpiece. Most people never hear that phrase. Even fewer will believe it. Masterpiece: The Art of Discipling Youth uncovers the process of revealing teenagers as the masterpieces Christ created them to be. It doesn’t approach discipleship with a blank slate, sketching with small groups or painting with programs. Instead, it focuses on revealing the art that is already under the surface of every teenager, removing the grime of life and restoring the vibrancy of the true colors underneath.

This book is for youth workers who are tired of canned meetings geared towards the masses. Veteran youth worker Paul Martin shares his process for recognizing individual youth as what they are: God’s masterpiece.

here’s what dr. andrew root (author of so many fantastic youth ministry books, including The Theological Turn in Youth Ministry and Revisiting Relational Youth Ministry) wrote about paul’s book:

I know Paul Martin as a thoughtful person and it comes as no surprise that his first book is a thoughtful one. This is a book that will push you deeply to think differently, but this push comes with the compassion of a pastor’s heart and a deep passion for the possibility of discipleship itself. If you have an interest in discipleship this is a book you must take a look at, it will change your youth ministry.

we’re taking pre-orders on The Youth Cartel store right now, for a december 1 release. the book will be $12.99 then, but the pre-order price is 25% off (or $9.74). and, yes, it will be available for kindle and in the apple ibook store also.

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