max dances into salvation

this conversation took place saturday, in the hallway of the sacramento convention center, between max (my 7 year-old son) and jeannie (my wife):

max: mom? i think i want to be a christian.

jeannie: really? what do you think that means?

max: [i don’t remember his exact quote here, but something like…] i dunno, like, opening your hands to god or something?

jeannie: well, yeah, kind of. it means that you want to live your life in the way that god wants; it means that you want to be like jesus as much as you can.

max: yeah, that. i want to be that.

jeannie: then i guess you are.

max: huh?

jeannie: some people think it’s important to actually say some kind of prayer to god, but what’s really important is that you know that you want to follow jesus.

max: [starts dancing down the hall and singing, in a silly voice] i’m a christian, i’m a christian…

jeannie: would you like to say something to god about what you’re thinking?

max: [stops] yeah. [looking angelic] god? [back to silly dancing] i’m a christian, i’m a christian

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  1. “Perhaps we can start a movement for altar dancing, instead of praying up front??”

    I’m all for that.

  2. we had such a great time! thank you so much! i do think the hideous heap contest is a conspiracy! once you get us to come, you know we won’t be able to stay away or not drag others along with us!(even if i am 9 mons pregnant!) thank you for blessing my husband! praying for the next 2 conventions! see you next year!

  3. It’s awesome that your son wants to follow God! Very cool.

    I’m not trying to start anything …but do you think an understanding of sin and forgiveness necessary to be Christian?

  4. That is TOO Cool!!

    Max had a wild romp!!! Thanks for sharing that snippet of real life… it was extremely meaningful.

  5. Sweet. I rejoice with you. Quick reflection story. One time I heard our childrens ministry announce that a bunch of kids committed their lives to Jesus at a VBS that our kids were attending. I asked my oldest son TJ who was 5ish at the time if he had ever done that? He said he loved Jesus but didn’t know if he’d ever “prayed a prayer”. I’ve heard the Sue Thomas – “must be able to name the date and time or your not saved” bit so many times it’s hard not to sublimanally believe that. Anyway, I said that wasn’t important, something close to what Jeannie said. I then decided that maybe I’d ask him if he wanted to pray now just in case. All of a sudden he starts crying like mad. I finally get him calmed down and ask him what’s the matter and he says, “I’m scared. I don’t want to pray the prayer. I don’t want to have to go to big church.” I smiled. I laughed. We let it go. – I trust God sees the heart and our family loving him and I let the guilt trip of a prayer and exact time go- for me and my kids.

  6. jackson, in answer to your question: i believe the bible says to believe in the lord jesus christ and you’ll be saved. i believe choosing to become a follower of jesus christ is “what’s necessary.” that said, i know max has an understanding of sin and forgiveness also.

  7. what a glorious memory that will be for him – no shame, no pressure – just one big beautiful choice that makes you wanna dance – what was that verse about coming like little children?

    relishing this beauty with you!

  8. i did tell max that being a christian meant wanting to live the life god wants for him. i also said i thought that mostly meant want to get to know god and what god loves and how much god loves him. (can’t leave out the beloved piece you know :o)

    plus, the coolest part for me was his dance and song. the second time he did it, he was looking up and singing and dancing to (and with?) god. it was prayer. i loved that.

    THEN the next day, the evangelical came out and he excitedly asked liesl, “are you a christian? i am.”

  9. this is such a great story. i’m gonna use it on sunday if that’s ok. i’ve been thinking about paul and peter; conversion as the big event and conversion as a long process. this is such a beautiful story.

  10. Maybe we spend too much time trying to make sure people feel guilty about their sin nature … and not enough time rejoicing that someone actually wants to know God.

    Marko, awesome story! It’s fun to hear about joy in a child at the thought of knowing God! : )

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