max has college plans

max and i went to the apple store at the mall today, and popped up to the food court for a cinnabon (him) and a wetzel’s pretzel (me). after a big of chew-induced silence, max pipes up:

MAX: i know where i’m going to go to college.

ME: you do?

MAX: yeah, university of michigan. i think it would be good to be near family [ysmarko note: my family and jeannie’s family are all in the detroit area]. plus you come to michigan all the time [ysmarko note: i travel to zondervan, in grand rapids, about once a month], so we could see each other. plus, it’s a really good school.

ME: well, that makes a lot of sense, max. you’re right, it’s a great school. it’s hard to get into: you have to be a really good student in high school to get in.

MAX: yeah, i know. also, i want to go for eight years and get my doctor’s degree.

ME: you mean your doctorate?

MAX: yeah. i’d like to have a doctorate.

ME: wow. that’s cool, but, how come?

MAX: so i can do anything i want.

ME: what do you want to get your doctorate in?

MAX: what do you mean?

ME: what subject?

MAX: you can get them in different subjects?

ME: yeah, you have to choose one.

MAX: like, what subjects to they have them in?

ME: well, like, science or engineering or art or architecture or anything. what job do you think you’d want after you get your doctorate? that would help you choose what subject you got it in.

MAX: well, i want to be a drummer.

ME: uh, you don’t need a doctorate to be a drummer.

6 thoughts on “max has college plans”

  1. Maybe he’s onto something…’doctor of the drums’…you gotta love the sound of that. I can see it on an album cover!

  2. did my last comment cross the line? maybe i should keep my osu/michigan cracks to myself? or maybe the comment just got lost in the world wide web. lol.

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