max leaves his mark on the capitol building

we got a tour of the u.s. capitol building today — fun and interesting. at one point, max and i ducked into a restroom. he went into a stall while i waited. the restroom was all white marble, and max said, from inside the stall, “this is the fanciest bathroom i’ve ever seen!”

me: “yeah, it is pretty fancy, isn’t it, with all this white marble?”

max: “it even smells great in here!”


max: “well, it did.”

7 thoughts on “max leaves his mark on the capitol building”

  1. The funny thing is that I read the title and instantly thought it had something to do with peeing on public property. I was close :)

  2. yes, i agree with clint. more daughter stories though! i like girl stories!

    (but your son’s awesome)

  3. ah, nothing like it – samuel did the same to me yesterday and then proceeded to tell everyone about how it – was very proud of the fragrance!

    happy days

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