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i don’t know if he’ll ever post again, but max (my 9 year-old son) started saying how much he wanted a blog. so i set him up with a blogger account, and told him i’d link to it when he got three posts live. he is absolutely ecstatic about it. you’d think i just gave him a car, or a pony.

and his third post seems to be asking for comments from word-smithers.

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  1. Oh, great. Now Michael will want one, too. A dad’s job is never done… it’s just been changing as technology evolves.

  2. My 11 year old has commented on my blog and a couple of others but saw your son’s and guess what….he’s setting one up himself!! My oldest (17) just got one going…and I only have one more son so maybe the whole family?! Will link up the boys as soon as it’s set up!

  3. I couldn’t leave a comment on Max’s blog without a google account, so…pass this along, okay?
    Hey Max…
    I love your blog! You are a funny guy, but I already knew that! And when I haven’t seen you for a while and miss your jokes, this blog is a great place for me to “visit” you and smile.
    Hope you continue blogging.
    Miss you,
    your aunt Lori (and Joe and Jake and Rachel all thot this is a great blog also!)(I didn’t show Kirsten-she is away at college!)

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