max’s poem

all the kids in this area, kindergarten through high school, are invited to participate in an annual “reflections program” sponsored by the PTA. there are a variety of categories: literature, visual arts, photography, musical composition. the rules are very strict (hope the other parents follow ’em!) that the work must be exclusively the child’s — not a creation of the parent and the child together.

oh, and each year has a theme. this year’s theme is: i wonder why…

max, our 7 year-old just wrote this poem, and i’m totally blown away — all these words actually came out of his mouth (without help or coaching from us):

I Wonder Why I Wonder

I wonder why things are not as they seem.
I wonder why people are afraid of things that aren’t true.
I wonder why god made boys and girls.
I wonder why some people don’t like each other.
I wonder why some people hate life.
I wonder why people get old and die.
I wonder why things that are not good for you taste better than healthy things.
I wonder why god lets people get hurt.
I wonder why I wonder.

(max turner oestreicher, 2005)

5 thoughts on “max’s poem”

  1. Wow! “Out of the mouths of babes…”
    May he continue to wonder as he gets older.
    We too soon loose that ability.

  2. Kids are so much fun to watch. Rather amazing and takes your breath away at times. What a smart child though.

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