meet the new emergent national coordinators

there’s a hilarious and wonderfully true little bit of subversive wackiness floating around blogland and youtubeland. since emergent village restructure recently to more toward a more grass-roots, organic future (part of which included the end of tony jones’ role as the ‘official’ national coordinator), a handful of people have been posting videos declaring themselves the new national coordinator. while this is all tongue-in-cheek, in a way, the message is: we are all the national coordinator, and nothing will happen if we don’t do it. it’s fantastic ownership, and awesomely fun.

here are a few of the videos:

joshua case, who i think got this whole thing going:

troy bronsink, who pulls it off even with a broken mic on his computer:

steve knight, short and sweet:

michael toy, who coins three fantastic new words, stringing them together to say “we are missiony in a jesish trajex”:

adam walker-cleaveland, who talks about “being in the ‘post-jonesian era'”:

john o-hara, who thanks adam walker-cleaveland for passing the torch:

i’m sure there will be more. i hope so!

7 thoughts on “meet the new emergent national coordinators”

  1. all men – meh

    leaders like danielle shroyer, deb loyd, karen ward, briannna morris, karen sloan, nanette sawyer seems like a much better option – no offense intended, guys

    or better yet – how about everyone is the nat’l coordinator

  2. oh, bobby, bobby, bobby. do you not see? one guy (the first one, josh) made a funny little statement, via video post, that WE ARE ALL NATIONAL COORDINATORS — anyone involved in EV. others got the joke-with-a-point, and added to the fun. get yer camera out and film danielle, deb, karen, brianna, and nanette saying the same thing.

    in the mean time, you may greatly benefit from some metamucil.

  3. i checked – danielle, deb, karen, brianna, and nanette are awfully busy right now

    in terms of metamucil – that stuff work for you, old timer ? I ain’t old enough to have that problem, yet

  4. anyone consider the possibility that this isn’t decentralization? this is just everyone realizing how pointless emergent really is?

  5. I see the future of these type vids replacing the “I’m a PC” with “I’m emerget”

    great if you ask me, casue I loath the “I’m a PC” vids/commercials.

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