melting bunnies

this video of melting bunnies (white chocolate, my favorite, no less!) is somehow extremely depressing and peaceful and beautiful and weird all at the same time. the music sure adds to that vibe. man, it almost had me weepy!

made my dutch filmmaker sander plug:

8 thoughts on “melting bunnies”

  1. Shouldn’t watch this on the day you feel like the bunny. Good thing I’m having a great day thus far.

  2. This film reminds me of the shorts that used to be on electric company when I was I kid. Like a rain storm in a forest with the rain drops rolling off the leaves and so on. This film is very melancholy, but I like it.

  3. My 8-year-old daughter watched the beginning of this clip over my shoulder and instantly started crying. I told her the bunnies aren’t real, and she wailed, “That one’s eye fell off!” I turned it off.

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