Michelangelo workin’ out my neck tension

fellow youth minsistry blogger tony myles sent me this pic from the cincy convention, with the line “what happens at the national youth workers convention stays at the national youth workers convention”. i have to say, ol’ mikey’s (or was it angelo’s) statues really do have the magic touch. i’m tempted to make a joke here that has a newsy connection to a few weeks ago (the joke would likely include something about me buying meth from michelangelo), but i’ll semi-resist.


8 thoughts on “Michelangelo workin’ out my neck tension”

  1. If only I had the time to superimpose Tic throwing chocolates into your mouth.

    Okay… that’s just wrong of me.

    Why did I say that?

    Shame on me.

  2. You know, Marko, with a few slight modifications (wardrobe, weight, spectacles) you could pass for Jesus – that is, the one commonly displayed in paintings and the like. lol…

    Does anyone else think I’m right?

  3. Scott, the latter-day appearance of Marko does have something of a Jesusish feel. (I like the word “Jesusish”). And heaven knows there are those sign-waving picketers who think Marko should be crucified, too.

    (Was that funny or harsh? I’m too tired to tell the difference right now.)

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