michelle’s compassion testimony at nywc

michelle tolentino from the philippines joined us at the three national youth workers conventions this fall. michelle grew up as a compassion sponsor-child, progressed through school and through compassion’s leadership development program. today, she works for a non-profit in the philippines that uses the arts to spread the gospel, and, is a compassion sponsor herself.

michelle’s testimony is so powerful, and got a standing ovation from the crowd at all three events.

we asked michelle and compassion for permission to post her story on youtube, which they graciously agreed to. here she is:

8 thoughts on “michelle’s compassion testimony at nywc”

  1. This woman’s story touched my heart. We sponsor a child through World Vision and I am always humbled by the pictures and letters sent to us from the child. But to see someone in person who is impacted by one of these agencies was rewarding and truly made me think about our sponsorship and what more we can do for the child.

  2. we are blessed to sponsor a Compassion child in India, but sometimes it’s hard to imagine there’s a real kid behind the ID#. this is *so* encouraging! great stuff!

  3. This story really touched my heart and tears of joy. I sponsor 6 children through Compassion and it is great to hear the results. Thank you for sharing her testimony.

  4. keep it up! you gave me hope in this life in facing all difficulties especially our situations in the philippines. I’m praying for you and to your mission.

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