middle school ministry campference, the time is now!

hey, my middle school/junior high ministry peeps. as i travel around the country and connect with youth workers, i’ve had so many tell me they’re jazzed about the idea of the middle school ministry campference. so many have told me they’re thinking of coming.

but… if i’m being totally honest with you… the current registration numbers don’t reflect that.

we never expected this to be a big event — in fact, we didn’t want it to be big. we wanted to create an intimate, open, dialogical tribal gathering. i’m stoked about how fun it’s going to be, and how unique. but the event is drawing near (october 14 – 16), and it’s time for action.

so, i’m hoping (and praying) that more of you will click through and join us.

all but one of our speakers/presenters/dialogue leaders is one of us – an in-the-trenches young teen youth worker. the one who isn’t is michael flaherty. you might not know michael’s name, but you’ve been influenced by him, as have every one of your middle schoolers. that’s because michael is the founder and CEO of walden media. walden is responsible for all the narnia movies, as well as holes, charlotte’s web, bridge to terabithia, journey to the center of the earth, and a host of other films. when the middle school pastor from michael’s church told me that michael might be willing to join us, i asked if he could speak about the importance and power of story, and i’m really pumped to hear what he has to say.

andrew, the middle school pastor at michael’s church, put together this little intro video for us:

hope you can join us!

9 thoughts on “middle school ministry campference, the time is now!”

  1. I would love to come… its near me in Michigan, too..
    I’ll have to work on details and see if I can make it…

    At any rate, thanks for doing a middle school/Jr high focused event… :D

  2. sorry, bill (and anyone else who asks about any other location); we decided to try it in the midwest this first time for a variety of reasons. we were (and still are) hoping those who are most passionate about this will fly in for the weekend. but… we have no plans at this point to repeat this event or do it in another location. sorry!

  3. i can’t wait for this event; i can’t wait to be able hang out and get to know all the awesome people that are going to be there. it’s neat that the speakers are all just “one of us.”

  4. Looking forward to this get together – have to say I’m looking forward to the sharing more than getting beat up by dodge balls – been hit so many times by those things I can’t remember not being hit

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