the other night, when jeannie and i finally arrived in pittsburgh after our delightful denver detour, we plopped into our westin heavenly bed and watched a pay-per-view movie (no, not that kind of movie, you freak). we watched millions, which i’d heard about, but hadn’t seen.

now, i know i see a lot of movies, and i recommend a few too many of them to my friends. so my recommendations can have the cummulative effect of crying wolf. but, really, this time: you gotta see this one. it’s just the most wonderful, creative, sweet and funny movie. where else can you get a thriller (stolen cash, money falls into the hands of an innocent, bad guy wants his money back), longing for love lost (mom has died, kids dealing with it in different ways), a cast of saints (in their original garb, with jaunty little halos, who pop into scenes to give advice to the little boy main character — peter is my favorite), and a justice theme (a cried — surprise — at the site of the clean water well in africa, pumping out life). oh, and those darn cute british accents to boot (especially little kid brits!).

the movie is in no-man’s-land right now: no longer in theaters, not yet out on video. so you might have to rent a hotel room for the night to catch it on pay-per-view. or you could wait ’til it comes out on DVD, i suppose. but the movie viewing hotel night sounds fun, doesn’t it?

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  1. oh, the “heavenly bed” (that’s what they call them) is the best thing about westins. they also have a heavenly robe and heavenly towel (way-soft), heavenly bath products, a heavenly shower (special curtain that stays away from you, and a double shower head). it’s all, well, heavenly.

  2. Netflix says the movie Millions comes out on November 1st. So for those you who do that sort of thing, add it to your queue.

  3. I’m a little gun shy about your recommendations on movies. This will be a chance for you to redeem yourself. I rented The Longest Yard per your post that it was hilarious and that you stayed up late to watch it. Joe vs. the Volcano was the worst movie I have seen and The Longest Yard was the second worst.

  4. I would agree about Joe vs. the Volcano…if I hadn’t gone to see Killer Clowns from Outer Space. The only movie I have ever walked out of the theatre in the middle of. It wasn’t even funny in a campy sort of way.
    All-time favorite… Howard the Duck. Nothing better than a sarcastic, talking duck from outerspace. lol.

  5. Ok, I can’t find the post, but I swear you wrote that you had house guest and stayed up too late to watch longest yard, but it I couldn’t find it. Hmmm.

  6. sorry, bro – not true. i never saw longest yard on dvd (or video). saw it in a theater, during the daytime (not late at night). thought it was OK, but certainly not great.

  7. I saw the previews for “Millions,” but it may have only shown in San Fran and not here in SJ though we have a couple good “art houses.” I am loking forward to renting it.

  8. millions is a great flick! love the juxtaposition of the ancient wisdom of the saints in such nonsensical environments. i’m mostly a “nah, that couldn’t happen” movie guy, but the holes in plot didn’t seem to matter in this one. i really felt like we could experience the different twisted ways the kids were living their grief.
    what really amazes me is this is the guy that made trainspotting. maybe that’s why St. Clare is always smoking.

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