monday morning update, sept 29, 2008

oops — i totally spaced on a monday morning update last monday. i was out of town and it didn’t cross my mind until thursday, when i thought about posting one. but i just decided to wait ’til now…

the weekend that was: what a wonderful weekend, after a long and challenging week. really, i had nothing on. we had friends over friday night to watch the debate and eat way-yummy pizza from bronx pizza (the whitestone garlic pizza, with ricotta, spinach, garlic and added artichoke hearts, is the bomb). saturday, i got caught up on heroes, watched a little college football, then did about 4 or 5 hours of honey-do jobs (buying and putting together some storage containers for gardening stuff, hanging a few final pics on the walls, driving max to a birthday party). in the evening, a new neighbor came over and offered us two good tickets for the padres game. i was going to go with max, but jeannie mentioned that she hadn’t gone to a game this summer. so she and max went, and liesl and i got pick up stix carry-out and watched ‘miss pettigrew lives for a day’ on pay-per-view (which was kinda cute). sunday morning was church, then friends came over to watch the chargers game. see? nice and chill weekend.

where i am at the moment: i’m in town, at ys (and home) this entire week! this is the first full week in a while that i’ve been home.

on my to-do list this week: lots to do. i need to make progress on some partnerships we’re considering, and two international opportunities we’re considering. i need to re-write the opening session for the CORE one more time. i need to put together two seminars and one general session for the conventions this fall. and, i’m having breakfast with most of the ys staff in groups of 4 (4 mornings this week) to talk about our stress levels.

procrastinating about: i’m starting to think that i’ll be writing “i’m procrastinating about writing the middle school ministry book” every week this fall, even if i DO start to make progress on it.

book i’m in the midst of: finished up rob bell’s new one (jesus wants to save christians). reading two books right now for fun:
the almost moon, by alice sebold
my lobotomy, by howard dully

music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: here’s one most of you haven’t heard of, but need to. when my family was in new zealand last year, our friend tash gave us a handful of kiwi discs to listen to while driving around. much of it was great, but one group became a favorite. then we forgot to bring the discs home. recently, tash replaced most of them for us. and this week, i listened to the amazing band evermore quite a bit. really great stuff, along the lines of oasis or radiohead. seriously, ya gotsta check ’em out (they’re on itunes).

next trip: NYWC in sacramento! boo-ya.

how i’m feeling about this week: good about being home, even if i have a lot to get done.

7 thoughts on “monday morning update, sept 29, 2008”

  1. The jacket liner on that “My Lobotomy” made me cringe until I looked at what the author is doing now. Interested in hearing your take on it.

    Any particular albums of Evermore?

  2. blair – i’m about 70 pages in. the writing is really simple, in a somewhat annoying/somewhat intriguing way. and the whole thing is a cringe, because it’s a real-life reminder of what life is like for so many kids (not that their step-moms all get them lobotomies, but the emotional abuse and alienation in this story doesn’t seem as unique as the lobotomy).

    evermore — i only have the one i pictured there: real life.

  3. RANDOM comment of the day: I had a dream on Saturday night that YS started selling facial creams and cleansers. I know, weird! How’s that for diversifying? They were a hit, too, so maybe you should consider it! I don’t know why I have such weird dreams.

  4. hi blair..
    real life is evermore’s most recent album and i think the most polished. it has a great depth and lots of catchy tunes that stick in your head. their earlier stuff is slightly raw-sounding, but this is really cool.

  5. Marko
    dude, what does the breath smell like after that pizza? It sounds like it’s totally worth it. Are they a chain or a local place?

  6. aaron – yeah, garlic breath, baby!

    not a chain; just a dude from the bronx who set up shop here in SD years ago. seriously, the guy is like the soup nazi of pizza guys. it’s a crack-up.

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