montana highlights

we’re in the missoula, montana airport now, awaiting our first of two flights home. highlights of our trip…

the first-afternoon snowmobile trip (jeannie and liesl fell over about 10 feet after we started):

skipping stones on lake mcdonald in glacier national park (yeah, i know this pic isn’t skipping stones — but it was seconds AFTER we skipped stones):

cooking all our meals together. each family member “hosted” one meal, completely deciding what the menu would be and leading the preperation of it (this is max’s hamburger dinner):

an absolutely breathtaking 5-mile hike in glacier national park:

just having a blast as a family:

4 thoughts on “montana highlights”

  1. yeah, it was great — loved it, clint. i’m not sure i’d go again at THIS time of year, though, only because there was so much of glacier national park we weren’t able to access (they had the roads closed after about 20 miles). we had no idea it would be that way.

  2. happy easter to the whole clan!
    love the photos of you guys!
    only a michigander would go for snow at spring break!
    but then again you guys do live paradise year round ; )
    have a great week getting back into real life too!

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