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jay (our publisher) just asked me what i thought about another book in our “help!” series, called “help! i’m an asian youth worker!” we both agreed that, while there may totally be some distinctives about doing youth ministry in an asian-american church, the help line (current titles include things like “help! i’m a volunteer youth worker”, “help! i’m a junior high youth worker”, and “help! i’m a small church youth worker”, among others) needs to be careful not to get too niched.

anyhow, we got riffing on slicing the market to absurd niches, with these possible titles:

    help! i’m an anglo youth worker in a 2nd generation korean american church!
    help! i’m a child of hippie parents who is also a youth worker, and i’m working with rich private school kids!
    help! i’m a tattoo’d backward-baseball-cap-wearing neo-fundamentalist youth worker!
    help! i love youth Awana!
    help! i can only get employment in youth ministry, but really want to be an emergent church planter!
    help! i’m about to graduate with a youth ministry degree from a bible college where my only youth ministry course was taught by an 87 year-old woman who coined the phrase “sunday school”!
    help! i’m a youth worker addicted to blogging and don’t actually spend any time with real kids!

then, there could be a whole raft of denominationally-themed help books:

    help! i’m a unitarian/universalist youth worker!
    help! i’m a duck river (and kindred) association of baptists youth worker! (yes, that’s a real denomination)
    help! i’m a beachy amish mennonite youth worker (again, real)
    help! i’m a two-seed-in-the-spirit predestinarian baptist youth worker (yup)

wanna add your own suggestion?

23 thoughts on “more “help!” books”

  1. help! i’m a frustrated CCM solo artist trapped in a youth worship gig until my album blows up!

    helo! i’m a pomo mind trapped in an ink-free body!

  2. Help! I’m a Youthworker working for the American Church that is too much for this runt and like to rant and hope that the church doesn’t abuse me nor piss me off but I see some hope. (But you word your seminar so much better)

  3. Help! I’m a Canadian Youth Worker from a place that non-Canadians (and even most Canadians) have never heard of. :-)

    I really am!

  4. Help! I’m a Senior Pastor who Envies my Youth Pastor
    Help! I’m a Frustrated Comedian
    Help! I’m a Volunteer Bus Driver
    Help! I’m Providing Snacks

  5. Help! I’m a pentecostal (lower case p) youth worker hopelessly trapped in a United Methodist body!

    (Seriously, my charismatic non-denominational, pentecostal tongue speaking sister calls me that.)

  6. I’m stuck on the obvious:
    Help! I’m single in Youth Ministry (and looking to meet someone at NYWC)
    More so just the first part.
    and for the marrieds
    Help! I’m married and spend more time with other people’s children than my own.

  7. “Help! I’m stuck in a church where the leaders think it’s ok to ask over 300 junior and senior high if they are a “testy”!”

    Yes, this word was used as a noun and NOT an adjective! This happened last night when the topic was trying to figure out what personality the youth take on: joy, foe, far (distant) or testy. The kids kept cracking up every time “testy” was mentioned, which was like a million times!

  8. lol. sorry jenn, I’m in jr. high ministry. lol.
    I can’t help but think of Bevis and Butthead(dating myself).
    “Heh, heh, she said testy.”

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