more reflections on asian american youth ministry

after reading the book asian american youth ministry and meeting with a local san diego youth worker, daniel so, i posted these observations. now, daniel (who is clearly one of those rare youth workers who’s a good thinker also) has posted a 3-part response. it’s really fascinating stuff; very worth reading:

part 1, daniel talks about the problem of asian american youth workers not staying in youth ministry long term (for a variety of reasons).

part 2, daniel talks about abdication of the youth ministry in asian american churches, and the need to develop student leadership.

part 3, daniel talks about the isolation most asian american youth ministries experience from the adults in the church (uh, clearly relevant for all youth workers!)

2 thoughts on “more reflections on asian american youth ministry”

  1. Marko, thanks for continuing to engage in this dialogue, and for the kind words. The easy response to what we’ve all been through recently would have been to make nice and then pretend like nothing actually ever happened. That’s why I am particularly grateful for your humble leadership through these messy issues.

    It can be extremely difficult, even ugly at times, but there is something so beautiful about the body of Christ seeking understanding together.

  2. (who is clearly one of those rare youth workers who’s a good thinker also)????????????

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