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liesl and i had a great time this past weekend at two days of the first ever moto x world championships. it was crazy hot in san diego this past weekend — 95 on saturday, 99 on sunday. but we were in the shade, so we survived.

here’s a couple pics. this first one isn’t very clear, but shows one of the hundred or so backflips we saw. the guy who won the trick competition did a freakin’ double back flip! this one is a guy doing a back flip over the 115-foot jump, and taking his legs off while the bike was upside down to do some crazy kind of extension thing. nuts.


this is a pic of ricky charmichael in the step-up competition (like a high jump, or pole-vaulting competition). charmichael was a first-time competitor in this event, and consistently went higher than everyone else. i think this jump was at 33 feet. at 35 feet, he was the only competitor to clear the height, but fell on his landing, so it didn’t count.


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  1. ha! the stadium was surprisingly empty! there were more there on saturday, but both days were really light. you can see the poeple sitting in the shade! i’m guessing there were about 10K people there, maybe less.

  2. Why in the heck is the stadium empty? X-games pack out the seats as do motocross circuits. As I was watching I couldn’t figure out why it looked like 400 people in the entire stadium.
    Also, Kyle Loza who won Gold for best trick in X-games and tried the “Electric Death” trick…the one where he did the backflip but bike didn’t, grew up in our youth ministry and uses a chunk of our church property as practice facility. Great young man.

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