ms ministry summit notes, part 8

the ys middle school ministry summit took place at spring hill camp in evart, michigan, in mid-september. 45 paid junior high or middle school-only youth workers attended. these are the mostly unedited notes. remember, they’re notes on a dialogue of 45 voices, not a refined set of ideas…


What do we mean “creative elements”?
? Music
? Multi-media
? Any medium outside the base curriculum

Issues in our ministries?
? Show vs. relational ministry
? Elevating music, movies, etc. to a level higher than the Word of God
? Leaders not buying into importance of relational ministry
? How are our students best served?
? Does creativity necessarily mean production?

How many hours per week to you give to volunteers, students, programming?
What are the three best things that happen in those times?
What gets you the most distance?
What do my students need?
? Get students helping prepare the programming
? We don’t want students who go to church we want students who experience church.
? Distinction in purpose between connection times (Sundays & midweeks)

How much are you willing to at times let what you are doing suck so that other things you are doing shine? And, do the kids give a rip?
? Don’t sacrifice effectiveness for excellence
? Need to know who you are.
o Seeker Church – need perfection
o Emergent Church – none of us are perfect
? Can only go low key to a point before losing our effectiveness
? Still need to plan for things

What are the good things production-wise?
? Introspan – kids can have a long attention span if it is captivating enough.
? Engagement
? Relational part to some of it
? Creativity can serve a truth that you are teaching

What I think is the most transformative thing we do is…?
What everyone else thinks is the most important is…?
? There’s good vs. great.

This is a values-driven conversation, fueled by our contexts and resources.

Closing Comments…
? Don’t be extreme either way.
? Ask kids, “What was the best part of this night?”
? Instead of trying to fix leaders, let them excel in their gifts and get other people who excel in those areas.
? Try to whiteboard it…
o If I were to kill everything and rebuild the whole thing, where would I start and what would I do.
o What do we need

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