muslim girl magazine

this fascinates me.

a new magazine is releasing called ‘muslim girl’.

here’s the first cover…

mag cover.gif

from the press release:

Challenging stereotypes about Muslim girls in America, Muslim Girl Magazine re-defines the face of Muslim youth in America. Its innovative content showcases teen girls who are equally proud of their identity as Americans and Muslims, while not shying away from the conflict inherent in being both. It also shakes up the complacency of Muslims themselves by emphasizing the diversity of practice within American Muslim communities, typically a no-go area.
The premiere issue of the magazine features girls who have joined the Peace Corps and volunteered in Indonesia. Advice columns tackle everything from boyfriends to divorced parents to anti-Muslim discrimination. Regular departments range from Qur’an Notes to Hot List reviews of TV shows like The CW Television Network’s “Gilmore Girls.” And a special feature on the hit show “24” directly confronts the biggest elephant in the room — the association of Muslims with terrorism.

Muslim Girl Magazine launched with a planned circulation of 50,000 copies per issue in the first year and expects to grow to 100,000 within two years.

here’s the magazine’s website. interesting that there’s an article on jack bauer and 24, given the storyline of the new season. i would guess the readership of this magazine would greatly benefit from some discussion about how to respond to the show!

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