must-read blog for youth workers

take a 33 year-old youth worker, have him get permission to go back to high school as a sophomore (living the life of an actual student), then blog and vlog about it, and you get this incredible blog: two weeks back.

i remember, back in the day, a great wheaton prof named cliff schimmels attended an entire semester of high school, and wrote a book about it called i was a high school drop-in (it’s been out of print for years, but you can get used copies at amazon). i did this for a couple days years ago, attending 8th grade, shadowing one of my students in all his classes. it was brutal, and quickly revealed any and all insecurities i had at the time!

anyhow, ht to mark helsel for this blog find. read it while it’s unfolding!

2 thoughts on “must-read blog for youth workers”

  1. Aw, that’s my youth pastors blog :) I’ll have to let him know he made the marko feature.
    I think the coolest things are the comments the students are making back to him… I think some cool things will be happening.

  2. i think that’s why i like try my life. the show can be very insightful. and one that i would love to use with students and parents. (that, and for some reason we get the style network with our basic ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox. go figure.)

    peace out.

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